Sr Embedded Software Engineer

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  • San Fernando, CA United States
  • May 19, 2018
Full time

Job Description

Senior Embedded Software Engineer who is ready to advance his/her career. You will be developing cutting edge command, control and communications software for advanced police and military communication systems. Most development is done in C on small microcontrollers, as well as host controllers running Windows and Linux. This is machine control, so a strong understanding of â??state machinesâ??, â??servo controlâ??, distributed and real-time communications is key. In addition, you will have experience with digital video over IP networks, video encoding, decoding and distribution. RESPONSIBILITIES and EXPECTATIONS Goals: â?¢ First three months , a successful candidate will have: ? Demonstrated ability to successfully code and debug in C for our embedded controller using our established tool chain ? Demonstrate the ability to code and debug on our embedded Linux platform ? Proven ability to read schematics and basic understanding of circuits and systems design. ? Demonstrated understanding of Trollâ??s documentation and revision system. ? Developed a working knowledge of our software architecture. ? Demonstrated above average abilities as a self-starter and a high degree of self-motivation â?¢ First six months: ? Demonstrated ability to successfully design software modules for new systems. ? Demonstrated ability to successfully troubleshoot and resolve problems found in existing software modules. ? Participate in the improvement of documenting software design. â?¢ First year: ? Demonstrated ability to lead new product developments ? Reduce backlog by better estimates and less re-work ? Train others in the skills above. Experience: 5+ yearsâ?? experience or combination of experience in: â?¢Operating systems including: Windows Linux â?¢Embedded Software/Systems languages including: C/C++ HTML Java â?¢Microcontrollers including: X86 ARM 8051 â?¢Applications development including: Command, Control, Process automation Video/Audio network streaming DVR and other digital video/audio/data management/archiving Meta Data processing Video encoding/decoding in software â?¢Drivers including: Streaming Video Windows device drivers Linux device drivers Audio/Video device drivers â?¢RTOS Extensions to Linux Standalone RTOS Optimizing Windows and Linux for real time Preferred background in: â?¢ Electronics systems manufacture â?¢ Digital video systems â?¢ Satellite communications systems â?¢ RF systems


$100,000 - $120,000


Bachelor of Science

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