December Interview Tips

Don’t jeopardize your current role
Interviewing for a new job can involve a lot of interviews, phone calls and distractions. If you’re already in a position, you could be asking for trouble if you’re current employer finds out you’re looking for a change. To avoid any red flags, tell your potential new employer about your situation. Ask them if email will work for communication, instead of phone calls. If you need to meet face-to-face, ask if they could set up a time before work, or after hours. This will draw less suspicion than long-lunch breaks or suddenly frequent “doctors appointments.” If you need to do multiple interviews, ask if they can all be scheduled in a single day and take the day off your current job to take care of them. You don’t want to hurt your position at a current job hoping for a new one. Luckily, most potential employers will do their best to understand and accommodate.

Mike McDonough

Mike McDonough visited General Search & Recruitment in 1980 in search of a job and was hired as an insurance recruiter. This opportunity turned into an exciting and rewarding career that engaged Mike in the search and placement of top talent. In 1996, Mike became the owner of GSR. Having worked nationally with from small to behemoth firms, Mike and GSR have connected over 1,700 talented people with great insurance careers. GSR recruits for a number of mid-level and C-level positions within a variety of areas within the insurance industry, including brokers and agencies, commercial property and casualty, insurance carriers, personal lines, reinsurers and more. Mike was recently elected to serve as President of the NIRA Board, which exemplifies Mike's dedication to giving back to the communities in which he works and lives. To learn more about Mike, explore his Personal and Spiritual Philosophies, as well as his involvement in church and community service.