January Interview Tips

Wait to give your two weeks.


If you’re interviewing for a new position and it seems promising, you might be tempted to put in your two weeks now, and take some time off while finalizing details at your new company. However, you should wait until you have a few things in place before telling anyone you’re leaving. Make sure you have a written, signed and firm acceptance letter in hand from your new company. 13% of employers say they’ve pulled an offer during negotiations, so while it may seem like a sure thing, don’t assume you’ve got the job before it’s absolutely final. Also, make sure you have any files, emails and contacts that you’ll want (within your legal rights) before you announce your departure. Certain industries will end your employment immediately upon your announcement - particularly if you work with proprietary information. So don’t assume you’ll get to go back to your desk to gather files or portfolio pieces after you speak with Human Resources.