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Don’t start suggesting changes.

Bringing in new employees is a great way for companies to improve their process and find innovative new ideas. But the interview is not the place to start suggesting that they change their ways of thinking. Unless you are specifically asked how to improve a program or suggest a new way to complete a process,…

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Practice your pitch.

You’ll always be asked to tell the interviewer about yourself. It’s the one question that you can almost guarantee will come up. You should have your explanation prepared, but not over-practiced. You want to sound confident and experienced without sounding like you’re reading a prepared statement. Your overview should focus on recent experience, sprinkle in…

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Strike a power pose.

A quick and easy way to boost your confidence before a big interview is to do “power poses” in a mirror. By standing up straight with your shoulders back, or practicing your form for those initial handshakes, you’ll not only be able to work on your form for critical moments, but you’ll also start seeing…

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